About Us

The University of Southern Mindanao is currently engaging in a research project funded by Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA – BAR), that will showcase a cutting-edge technology to ensure production of fruits and other crops even during lean season and in adaptation to climate change.

We will provide a technology that is new, cleaner, efficient, productive, sustainable and profitable for selected high value crops in Southern Philippines. Through this technology, farmers and growers will get the greatest high-quality yield possible for their time, money, and effort.

The USM Smart Agriculture project aims to harness and promote Smart Technology-based-farming for selected high value crops such as Banana, Cacao, Coffee, Lanzones, Rubber and Pummelo in Southern Philippines. It focuses on delivering early warning system and weather forecast particularly soil and water requirements as well as pest and disease management to improve yield of high value crops.

What We Do?

Sub-Project 1: SMART Irrigation System for Plantation Crops through Hydrometeorological Monitoring.

Engr. Willie Jones Saliling

Faculty Researcher

Dr. Juramid C. Imlan

Faculty Researcher

Component: Demonstrate SMART Farms of one (1) ha cacao, one-half (1/2)ha coffee, one (1) halongkong lanzones, 1ha pummelo, 1ha banana cardava and 2 ha rubber based cropping system.

Sub-Project 2: SMART Soil and nutrient management using developed sensor technologies on cacao, coffee, cardava- banana, longkong lanzones, rubber, and pummelo.

Dr. Adeflor G. Garcia

Program Leader
Project Researcher of Sub-project 2
University of Southern Mindanao
Faculty, College of Agriculture

Sub-Project 3: Development of weather-based forecasting as early warning system for integrated pest management for high value crops.

Dr. Purificacion O. Cahatian

Faculty Researcher

Dr. Marilyn S. Painagan

Faculty Researcher

Prof. Joeseph S. Quisado

Faculty Researcher

Dr. Joan P. Sadoral

Faculty Researcher

Component 3-A: Development of pest and disease infestation forecasting tool for high value crops.

Component 3-B: Temporal characteristics of major insect pests of selected high value crops.

Component 3-C: Temporal characteristics of natural enemies associated with major insect

Component 3-D: Climate-based Disease Forecasting; A Tool for Effective Disease Management of Selected High Value Commercial Crops (Rubber, Cacao, Coffee, Banana and Lanzones, Pummelo).

Sub-Project 4:  Identification of the strengths and limitations of potential areas for some high value crops (cacao, coffee, cardava-banana, longkong lanzones, rubber, and pummelo) in Southern Mindanao.

Mr. Rezin Cabantug


Sub-Project 5: Development of Data Hub for SMART Agriculture Technologies.

Engr. Melecio A. Cordero, Jr.

Faculty Researcher

Engr. Jerry T. Piamonte

Faculty Researcher

Sub-Project 6: SMART EcoPark Greenhouse: a demonstration of urban gardening.

Ar. Joseph John O. Cahatian

Faculty Researcher

Engr. Alven G. Delson

Faculty Researcher

Sub-Project 7: SMART Technology Transfer for High Value Crop Stakeholders.

Dr. Ardniel A. Baladjay

Faculty Researcher

Janice M. Bangoy

Faculty Researcher

Sub-Project 8: Geospatial Database and Information System for Cacao and Coffee in Regions 11 and 12

Dr. Edward Barlaan

Faculty Researcher