Harnessing the SMART and Digital Agriculture Technologies for High Value Crops at the University of Southern Mindanao

SMART Irrigation System

The precision irrigation system attempts to aid farmers in its management decisions relative to hydrometeorological information available. When and where to irrigate and what amount is a crucial decision that farmers need to undertake to ensure productivity. Unlike annual crops, plantation crops are permanent in nature. Once stablished, farmers are left the mercy to the environment variable. Through this technology, farmers will have scientifically sound and informed decision.

Soil and Nutrient Management using Sensor Technology

Farmers and growers can easily aid the nutritional deficiency of the crops using soil sensors. The measurement of soil content will determine how much additional nutrient content is to be added to soil to increase crop fertility. This project is to harness and promote SMART technology- based- farming, which is efficient, productive, sustainable and profitable for selected high value crops in Southern Philippines.

Pests and Disease Management

An early warning system will be established as a component of integrated pest management strategy for high value crops through predicting the appropriate timing of pest management strategies application. With this way, an efficient prevention of insect pest infestation, farmers can minimize and reduce the use of pesticides.

GIS Mapping

The project aims to establish a GIS maps that will visualize the capability potentials, limitations and constraints of each production areas and capacitation of LGU’s towards enhanced productivity and sustainability of High Value Crops in Southern Philippines.

    Our Mission

    The project aims to harness and promote Smart Technology-based-farming for selected high value crops such as Banana, Cacao, Coffee, Lanzones, Rubber and Pummelo in Southern Philippines. It focuses on delivering early warning system and weather forecast particularly soil and water requirements as well as pest and disease management to improve yield of high value crops.

    Our Goal

    This project will delve on increasing productivity of high value crops in the Southern Philippines to help farmers from 30,300 has. (hectares) of cacao, 185,700 hectares of banana (cardava), 112,000 hectares of coffee, 50 hectares of lanzones, 100 hectares of pomelo and 229,400 hectares of rubber production areas particularly on soil, water, pests and diseases management, using cutting-edge technologies on smart agriculture.
    Harness and Promote Smart and Digital Agriculture Technology-based-farming.
    The University of Southern Mindanao will implement a modernize data gathering from the field over a period of time and provides this information in real-time. This information will provide ideas to farmers and growers in better crop selection and soil management to their farms. This information aids the farmer in getting the greatest high-quality yield possible for their time, money, and effort.
    Support Our Local Farmers
    Delivers a smart agriculture technologies to farmers which is effiecient, productive, sustainable and profitable. bringing the local farmers to a better future.